Server And Forums Updates


Server 03-21-2018
Hello, Before we dive into our latest updates I would like to welcome Faris to the team! On top of that, we’ve also redesigned our main thread in order to produce a more captivating look.

Data Loading The Rellekka client can now load data from multiple revisions allowing us to easily emulate and utilize content from any era of runescape we prefer. Due to the continued development of OSRS and recent demand in OSRS content, we’ve decided to load OSRS maps and pack higher revision maps when needed. This allows for quicker additions of OSRS gameplay into Rellekka. Furthermore, we also have the ability to easily implement graphics, animations, objects, and NPC’s from whichever revision we wish without causing any issues.

Player Owned Shop Although I completed the interface for this some time ago we just recently got around to implementing a proper system for it. This has been in development for the past two weeks to ensure clean code and reduced verbosity. In addition, we spent a good amount of time making sure offline player objects could be accessed in order for players to trade with others who were offline. Player Owned Shops has a huge impact on a servers economy so that's why it required a large amount of attention. In fact, we plan on testing this out(along with dung) constantly through the next week with our staff team. Quick Summary: Players have the ability to add items to their own shops Players have the ability to feature their own shops Items can be bought from players who are offline Added support for searching items Added support for searching players Search results are now displayed Item search results are displayed based on the lowest price Players can view all stores Viewing all stores displays featured shops first, ranks, and lastly players

P.S. I do understand that there are some minor changes to the interface design that need to be made. Dungeoneering Progress Faris has been working on Dungeoneering over the past week. Our custom Dungeoneering system will be different from Runescape’s system as we have made our own maps. In addition, dungeoneering on Rellekka will be a bit more more interactive and skilling based compared to your typical 317. Dungeoneering is a big skill and we plan to provide our future players with something new and enjoyable. This is not yet complete and progress will continue throughout the week. Hopefully we get this out of the way by our next update. Instanced Dungeons Added support for binding Added support for group gatestone Players can now exit the dungeon Players can create a party and invite other members(maximum of five) Players can choose between 3 complexities Created 4 different maps, each decorated differently to give the players a feel of variety. Each floor/dungeon is one region with 25 rooms Players can create a party and invite other members(up to five) Players have the ability to choose between 3 complexities as of now Created a simple starter interface Players can obtain a starter setup from clicking on the table. However, this will only provide the most basic gear of whichever style they choose. Players can encounter a red key from slaying the monsters in the dungeon The last npc in the dungeon will always have a 100% chance at dropping the key Chances of receiving a red key varies per complexity The gold key can be found by searching through the crates in the crate room. Players must kill a certain number of npc's before entering the crate room. The requirement to enter the crate room as well as the chance for receiving a key vary based on dungeon complexity At the start of every dungeon will be a Tramp Added dialogue to the Tramp In order to receive the purple key, players must bring the tramp a certain amount supplies found within the dungeon. Added support for skilling in the dungeon and allowed team contributions for the purple key Added support for mining in the dungeon Dungeoneering rocks will be received randomly when mining Added support for fishing in the dungeon Dungeoneering fish will be received randomly when fishing Added support for woodcutting in the dungeon woodcutting logs/supplies will be received randomly when chopping Players can now cook and eat dungeon fish Players can now light fires with the dungeon logs Added definitions to warriors, mages, and rangers A mix of warriors, mages, and rangers will be spread out through each dungeon The level of the monsters will vary based on complexity Wilderness resource area Added functionality to all skilling methods within the resource area Added dialogue for wilderness resource area gate Entering the resource area costs 50k gp Piles now notes your resources for 250 gp each Misc. Rellekka now has a new and more accurate drop system with an easy to use editor Implemented Z-Buffering Model improvements (99% of black/priorities fixed) Fixed a lot of object functionality caused by switching over to OSRS maps Re-Packed Nex Re-Packed Daemonheim Reduced a good amount of memory usage Removed anti-color-bot code Fixed the camera offset issue Implemented Ctrl-V function Boss log interface which displays boss kill count along with fastest kill time Got rid of old slayer system, new system should be in place by next week Adjusted blood money drops Added new Blood Money store with a scroll bar Fixed issue with money-pouch withdrawing full inventory Added account pin security measure(players can set their account pins by speaking to the account guardian) Fixed bank tab item dragging Fixed resizable interface positioning

Server 03-04-2018
Today's update consists of a variety of things ranging from Skilling to PvP. Apart from these small yet useful content additions, Rellekka now has a smoother looking High Definition gameplay with the addition of tile blending.

Tile Blending(Thanks to trees) Mandrith now has a better dialogue Revamped PvP shop Fixed issue in regards to players will receive blood money when killing another player Players will recieve more blood money when pking at edgeville players will recieve more blood money from killsteaks Added working brawlers with charges Brawlers give an additional 1.5x experience in the wilderness Ring of wealth scroll can now be used to create a Ring of Wealth(i) Magic notepaper can now be used to note items Added working coal bag Added working gem bag

Server 02-23-2018

Changed dropdowns to look more appealing OSRS XP counters must be set in order to customize Added color toggles to the XP counter Added speed toggles to the XP counter Added size toggles to the XP counter Proper XP Counter positioning Minor edits to a few shops and prices Ability to toggle between tick and instant switching(may not be completely accurate)

Server 02-19-2018
Fixed some minor issues with resizeable

Fixed full screen mode Added OSRS gameframe Added OSRS gameframe on resizeable Fixed bug related to clan settings Added proper spawns for plenty of NPC's Added 'previous' option to teleport wizard Started work on a couple of Quests Created a player guide Proper hide tanning interface Recreated the teleport interface Fixed up hide tanning Added all evil tree types with proper levels Evil trees give evil tree kindlings Began work on OSRS XP counter and settings

Server 02-05-2018
The past three day has been quite tedious with all the bugs that players have encountered during the beta. However, we've made some good progress and plenty of bugs are being fixed and essential content being added. I have also been able to revert edgeville and the skilling area to have a more traditional feel to them. The main goal for now is to make sure the game is smooth and playable before I head back to adding all of my planned content.

Added working wyvern bones fixed monkey guard drops added monkey bones Model glitch with vampires fixed Fixed all new cursors Fixed item brightness Added ::train command added a skillcape and hood shop Bandits are now aggressive corrected the teleport graphics Added drops for yaks Fixed sacrificing firecape to fight Skeletal Trio has been nerfed a bit Fixed some model issue at vorkath Fixed zombified zombie not attacking Fixed a issue with Vorkaths animation Added a working slayer dialogue Shortbows and longbows can now use arrows up to iron Added rune and pure essence mining Added restrictions to yell messages Fixed shops items not restocking increased shop restock timer Proper Forcemovement is added thanks to Professor Oak Started work on new agility system Added a way for players to get a net for Puro Puro Fixed teleport glitch Added ::shops command Fixed proper multi and wilderness areas Fixed Slayer point bug Fixed issue caused when switching x10 hits Nerfed Rock Crabs Fixed message colors Fixed gramatical mistakes during the tutorial Fixed prayer renewal issue Fixed issue with using the wind strike spell Added a lot more functioning ores Added clipping to home skilling area Reworked clan chat Added functioning clan chat interface New Skilling area

Server 01-31-2018
With our first public beta almost underway I've been working on making sure players encounter little to no problems getting started with skilling and slayer. A lot of this time was spent not only fixing small bugs but also familiarizing myself with combat and how a proper combat system should look. However, I've also been doing some interface work on the side

Created the main player owned shops interface(Design/Layout of the interface still needs some work) Created the Global history interface Created the shop list interface Added pickpocketing Pickpocketing now has proper stun timers The majority of stalls are now functional Classic mode is now added(might edit the thread with more info on this later) Fixed glory model issue Fixed fire rune model issue Fixed Corp lair entrance Fixed buggy herblore animation All the ore at the edgeville skilling area now work Fixed attack delay after eating Corrected eat timers Added prayer renewal potion with working effect Potion effects are now all correct Redid the OSRS Slayer Interface(my previous one was not done too well) Edited Starter interface to include Classic mode and rank icons Added basic tutorial Started work on a system for warbands Fixed Slayer dialogue Added Casket drop formula based on the players Slayer Task and NPC Combat Added blood money caskets

Server 01-28-2018
I aim to implement as many Quests in to Rellekka as possible. Some Quests are planned to be replicated in full while others are shortened for various reasons. Although the completion of Quests won't have many benefits to a normal player, they will have a big impact on the gameplay of those who choose the Ironman mode. Along with all the necessary and original RS quests, I plan to create a chain of interesting yet challenging Quests of my own. I took the past couple of days implementing some of the most basic and easy quests on RS.

Redesigned settings interface Added option for settings interface opacity(so that players can view what they've changed) Added all OSRS player 'attack' options Added all OSRS NPC 'attack' options Added dropdown setting for fog distance Added dropdown setting for camera speed Added OSRS hitsplash Added OSRS context menus Player info tab has been re-organized Added configuration tab(sprite needs to be changed) Added Quest Tab

Server 01-26-2018
Created F-Key interface(Thanks to Hitten for the dropdowns)

Created Rune Pouch interface Runes can be added to the pouch through the interface Runes can be added by using them on the pouch The pouch has a limit of 16k runes & can be emptied through right click options Runes in the pouch are registered as if they're a part of the players inventory Zulrah now has correct venom clouds Fixed Zulrah snakeling spawns Zulrah now has proper projectiles Fixed projectile issue with Vorkath All Abyss teleports are now functional players can access the Runecrafting abyss with our Teleport interface

Server 01-22-2018
The past couple of days have mainly been focused on replicating Vorkath combat. However, with closed beta testing going on it was only right that I fixed some reported bugs and what not.

Changed starter gear and edited starter interface(may need some tweaking) Inferno Cape is now untradeable and undroppable Changed login and server messages to look more professional Fixed up Teleport interface problems Fixed problem on death…. Fixed issues with the infernal cape texture Altar of the Occult now functions properly Fixed Shop issue not allowing players to purchase items Fixed issue with entering the Jad cave Fixed XP orb problem which displayed the incorrect skill Fixed Left click attack issue Added Corporeal Beast to the cave Added functionality to Slayer Master who now assign a Slayer Task Fixed inventory issue with switching certain items Fixed Hedges at Camelot/Taverly Master Capes are now untradeable Added restrictions to certain titles and usernames Added items to the herblore shop

Server 01-18-2018
Skeletons in the wilderness attack distance has been decreased

Fixed attack option glitch occuring outside the wilderness Reorganized & edited edgeville Added a rejuvination pool for restoring stats Created interface for scoreboard Setting to toggle particles on/off Edited/recolored some objects for upcoming boss

Server 01/14/2018
Fixed vine whip model problem

Ripped pathfinding from Elvarg The infernal cape texture now flows down the cape correctly Changed the items received when thieving from stalls Fixed level required for mining ores Fixed all skills experience rates Finished up the 3xpk island Added safe zone for the 3x pk island Ghost banker added to safe zone all the ores at the 3x island now work Reward tickets will be rewarded every hour of play time players also receive one reward ticket for reaching level 99 in a skills There is a 1/5 chance of receiving a wilderness ticket from player v. player combat added proper projectile mechanics for Jal-Xil added ::commands listAdded ::gear command for beta testing Fixed mipmapping on the infernal cape Fixed model priority for all master capes Added particles to all current master capes Items are now assigned a weight(667 items only, will do OSRS items soon) Added a weight system and your players weight displays on the equipment tab Began work on a fee based skilling area at home

Server 01/10/2018
Because I have been working tirelessly on a new boss fight there are not too many updates to show for today . Hopefully, I can get a bigger batch, which will include proper pathing and maybe the finished boss fight, by tomorrow. However, I did finish adding bank placeholders and fixed the 'swap and withdraw' mode for the bank
Server 01/08/18
Added toggle for player and NPC names overlay

Added a toggle setting for Skill orbs Added a toggle setting for ground item names overlay Fully working reward point exchange with wheel spinning Players will be rewarded a reward ticket every hour Added Osrs Bounty hunter interface Bounty hunter system has been redone Added skilling category to current teleport interface Added wyvern combat


Forum Update 01/09/2018
Installed the forums 01/02/2018 (Happy New Years!)

Changed default theme to custom IPS Created sections w/ respective subsections Increased the amount of MB that may be uploaded at one time from 2M to 10M (Thanks to JustSayGang) Implemented the following Applications: Chatbox, Application Forms, Change Group in MCP (for Forum Moderators+ only) Removed the following Applications: Blogs, Calendar, Converter, Downloads, Gallerry, Commerce Implemented the following Plugins: Advanced Custom Widgets, Staff Online, Group Color on User Link, Secondary Group Icons, Group Legend below 'Members Online', Enhanced User Info Panel, News Ticker, and Group Color Format (Ranks will show up places that 'Group Color on User Link' does not support) Removed the 'line-borders' that surround posts to make posts look more presentable and less enclosed Changed the solid background behind the widget and main forum areas to transparent (this also enables the transparency background w/ the Chatbox) Changed the background for the forum and widget titles from the ugly color overlay they had to a suitable blue gradient overlay (Thanks to Wolf for his graphical expertise) Changed the main title css for pretty much everything that is posted (You can check all of the images for what exactly I mean at the end of the post 01/04/2018 - Attempted to change site URL and it destroyed the forums (our host is weird, but we resolved it,) attempted to revert and was forced to restart the process Changed the overall positioning of the logo area and removed the "search" option in the logo area and instead moved it in the 'Activity' drop down area (check images) Uploaded images to appear next to their respective forum (check images) Uploaded a new favicon and (similar) general forum icon to subsections Implemented a new background image as the old one was not in good taste with Adam nor myself Implemented the Discord widget w/ the Advanced Custom Widget feature (Thank God for widget developers, aye?) Added in an assortment of new groups such as: Owner, Server Developer, Senior Administrator, Server Administrator, Forum Administrator... you get the point Implemented a, sort of, referral system (w/ the Application Forms,) in which you can invite players to input the username you invited them with and be inserted into a raffle up to 10 times for a chance to win 50m OSRS GP, Donator, and other prizes that would be discussed at a later time. Enabled 2fa and extra security measures for Administrator accounts Implemented custom author pane backgrounds (Thanks to Ben, our lovely server support and Graphics Manager, for the panes and logo) Resources for the Knowledge Base, Support Section and Application Section Enabled the warning point system w/ it's respective resource post in Knowledge Base Reinstalled a new chatbox as the old one was outdated Enabled post star rating (1/5) due to the theme being edited at an earlier time and removing the rep/like interfaces (will be working on it)

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